Download and Install Tinder for windows phone

Download tinder for Windows phone , you can do from this same portal ,with which you will find the latest version has repaired the errors and functions that once introduced , it is recommended that also Windows phone has the latest update since its process GPS is far more accurate and remember that the application needs of it to connect with the people who you are fences ,

When you are in the process of installing , you’re going to make will be to follow the guidance that have yielded , not delayed much after that will ask you to link via Facebook application allowing between seeing your name , your contacts ( what is important is when you let your friends send them automatically send an invitation for them to also be part of the social network and ” Tinder ” community in turn will sync to yourself / to see that friendships have integrated into your tinder and begin to know ” recalls that the application ” also needs a secure connection and stable data for the device your connection is stable and can be with the person you have chosen no connection problems ” How in other applications that the connection is lost and you have to continue with a process of repetition.”

You must also maintain updated by while your social network Facebook and place the ” pictures of your face or your body” because the application take the first 5 pictures , yet known which algorithm is to base images , but in a their updates mention that two things will happen to implement one of them is that users upload their own photographs and the second is to place a script that will ” face detector “how they currently manage Smartphone cameras and develop the second was ” Facebook” in order to tag your friends in a party so you know that if you want to succeed in the art of flirting , what you need is to update your Facebook and upload only the photos to your liking, with the new update hopefully develop its own server and go up the images we only interested to us.

Serving our best side , after the installation and synchronize our Facebook contacts must change how the GPS has been mentioned after that we will see that our application threw a ” wave ” how if detector and now comes the awesome, as it also would synchronize fences are to you and use that application. So do not be surprised if it’s your neighbor or your friend who lives near you appears in the application ,

That’s what makes it great and innovative also hope to do better with the twitter network functions , the interface becomes simpler because always kept updated,

Setup and Use tinder for windows phone

Setup and Use tinder

After installing Windows Tinder our phone , and synchronize our friends , we can make use of the application .
When we have everything ready, find a small portal which indicates photograph of a “contact” and find a heart or a cross if we put the photo in the right direction will give the person ” we like ” a mini alert will be sent to who chose us if that person is to your liking also give us a sign where the two will engage in conversation.

Not only that, but we also have our “profile” where you will find how to join our panel of “adjustments” We will establish here that radio will post it for miles “Remember that the application uses people have fences , so you can invite a coffee or ice cream ”
settings also find if people are interested in our opposite sex or same sex , leaving implementation to be freer use, also found the system of ” notice” for when to be and we are pleased to dispose of notification to chat and engage in conversation with the other person that we select , the main interface is responsible for placing a photograph a heart and “X ” on the back of the photograph of our candidate’s name and age and side appears right will find an icon of a book which is often the interests we have with that person, mutual friends we have in the social network , then we have the option of photos where we can see the first 5 that Facebook gets , remember that login how Facebook is when we reject somebody, this will make an anonymous form with which the person will not feel offended or hurt or giving us the opportunity to not find out , but remember that this is also our profile there so without knowing we will also be rejected, but yet so we’ll never know if we should be reassured that our profile is not liked by people .

One of the best options you have is the “Match ” where the two people already placed and positioned to do a chat with which only two of you can interact preventing another person ‘s safety strain the social network has to us, thanks to our Windows phone with touch do is quite simple as you only need to place from right to left and likewise try his luck with the match ,

Waiting for an update that when we see people around us we manage to display more details, how are ” more detailed interest ” and be liked by us. The application runs very good future but needed a little more work but the design creators mention that the interface is much simpler than other applications abound network.